Born This Way - US Costco Edition

Country: United States
Release: 23.05.2011
Code: 602527701639 [B0015602-72]
Note: This Edition has 2 digital bonus remixes.


Disc 1
Marry The Night
Born This Way
Government Hooker
Bloody Mary
Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
Bad Kids
Fashion Of His Love
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
Heavy Metal Lover
Electric Chapel
The Queen
Yoü And I
The Edge Of Glory

Disc 2
Born This Way [Country Road Version]
Judas [DJ White Shadow Remix]
Marry The Night [Zedd Remix]
Scheiße [DJ White Shadow Mugler]
Fashion Of His Love [Fernando Garibay Remix]
Born This Way [Bimbo Jones Club Mix] - bonus track
Born This Way [Zedd Remix] - bonus track