The Fame Monster - Limited USB Edition Japan

Country: Japan
Release: 14.05.2010
Code: 4988005615572 (UIES-9001)


Bad Romance 
Dance In The Dark 
Telephone (featuring BeyoncĂ©) 
So Happy I Could Die Teeth
Bad Romance [Starsmith Remix] 
Telephone [Passion Pit Remix] 
Paparazzi [Demolition Crew Remix Radio Edit] 
Just Dance [Deewaan Remix] 
LoveGame [Robots To Mars Remix] 
Eh, Eh [Frankmuzik Remix] 
Poker Face [Live From The Cherrytree House] 
Bad Romance [Grum Remix] 
Telephone [Alphabeat Remix]
Just Dance [Music Video] 
Poker Face [Music Video] 
LoveGame [Music Video] 
Eh, Eh [Music Video] 
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich [Music Video] 
Paparazzi [Music Video] 
Bad Romance [Music Video] 
Telephone [Music Video]
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